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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps


Made from pure salt crystal that has been carved to hold a light bulb with cord & wood stand included. The salt crystal originates in the Himalayan Mountains and each is slightly unique in shape. Many people believe in the therapeutic value of salt lamps. When lit, salt lamps release negative ions, which are thought to “cleanse" the surrounding air of impurities created by computers and other electrical equipment. The light from a glowing salt lamp is soft, gentle and relaxing. 8.0W-4.0H, 5.5 lbs.  


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USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural crystalline salt formations that are millions of years old are buried deep within the Himalayan Mountains. These formations are hand carved by artisans to create exquisite lamps that produce a soft and gentle glow. When lit, these therapeutic lamps produce negative ions that are thought to cleanse the surrounding air of impurities created by electrical equipment. These new USB salt lamps come with a economical color changing LED bulb. Less energy consumption – over 20,000 hours of life! They also plug into any USB port

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Two different styles of USB Lamps