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 Candida Test


Take a glass of water to bed and leave it on the bedside cabinet.

When you awaken, spit into the water.

Do NOT try to gather spit from the inside of your mouth, just spit whatever you
have, however little, into the water.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes, then gently swill the contents round in the

Hold glass up to the light.

If the spit remains on top of the water, or dissolves, you
are OK.

If it turns the water cloudy, you have a Positive

"Hold glass up to the light. If water turns
cloudy, or legs appear descending down through the water you may have a Candida

In such cases you might like to consider contacting us
for advice or alternatively you might like to consider going to for service and or product suggestions."

(Always be responsible regarding your health and
seek advice from a medical practitioner where you have any health concerns.)