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Just A Few Testimonials

Before my colon hydrotherapy cleanse I was very tired most of the time. After the colon cleanse I seem to have more energy. Also I've been a diabetic for 20 years. Before the colon cleanse I was taking 26 units of insulin a day. After doing the cleanse I now take between 5 to 15 units of insulin a day. There have been days when I didn't have to take any insulin. My weight fluctuates sometimes but I lost 6 pounds and 6 inches after the cleanse.
I was a little apprehensive about colon hydrotherapy as this is new for me, but Opal was great she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The room is very relaxing and the experience was wonderful.
I've seen my doctors twice since I've done the treatments and they're very happy with my results and they said that if I keep doing what I'm doing that I won't have to take insulin.
I personally would recommend anybody and everybody to have the Colon Hydrotherapy done. I feel they would not be making a mistake, I know I didn't. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself, I tell everyone about Opal at Alternative Times, and to go see her and get the treatments done.
UPDATE: 8/2008 I have been coming to Alternative Times on a monthly basis for my colon hydrotherapy treatments and I feel wonderful, I have lost a total of 26 pound and many inches, inches are falling off. People state that if it wasn't for my voice they wouldn't recognize me due to the changes and they want to know what I've been doing, I tell them the only thing I'm doing is the colon treatments. I've seen my medical doctor and I'm off insulin now and my eye doctor is very impressed.
I go to Alternative Times once a month for my colon sessions.

Hello! My name is Amy and I have MS, which is an incurable disease. I was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago. I've been taking numerous prescription drugs for my condition. I had no energy left in my body. My appearance was not the best, I felt bloated and my eyes had black circles underneath them, my face was saggy with very dry skin, and the color of my face was ashen with a yellowish complexion. I was only able to walk with my walker as I fell down everyday due to loosing my level of energy. I was having muscle tremors, using medicine to help me have a bowel movment, having to lean againist the shower wall to hold myself up while taking a shower and washing my hair and I was gaining weight.
I decided that I was going to do the colon hydrotherapy, to see if this would help me and my condition. WOW it has helped me in so many ways and has changed my life for the best. I wake up without the alarm clock full of energy to start my day. I used to have to use my walker to get around in my apartment now I only use my cane. My facial appearance is also different. I look younger, no more dry skin, the skin color is a healthly pink, no more saggy black eyes, I'm loosing weight, I been having bowel movements on my own, no more muscle tremors. I can even write and read what I have just written.  My doctors said that since I am doing so well with the colon treatments I could quit taking some of my medication. I no longer need the assistance of my caregivers or stepping stool to get on and off the massage table. I'm able to do laundry without losing my energy and more. WOW I have so much energy now and I want to do the things I did not even think about attempting before.
I personally would recommend anybody and everyone to have the colon hydrotherapy done to them. I feel they would not make a mistake, I know I did not make any by having this done. It was the best present I have given myself and I recommend that you go to Alternative Times and have Opal give you your treatments.
 UPDATE:8/08 I have lost 15 pounds and I'm in pants that were too small for me before. My doctors are very impressed. My eye doctor was impressed. I have no new leisons on my brain.
Twice a month I go to Alternative Times for my colon sessions.
Hi my name is Bill and I'm 60 years old, I've had Crohn's for 40 years, anyone that is dealing with or knows anyone with Crohn's knows what it is like. I was working in Florida. When I called Opal to talk to her about the colon treatments she was concerned as with the Crohn's colon treatment needs to be under Physician Supervision. She was nice enough to find a doctor in that area that believes in alternative medicine and made me an appointment with him. The doctor stated that it would be okay so we proceeded with the treatments.
I was scared at first but Opal made me feel very relaxed. Opal is very good at what she does no matter if it's colon hdyrotherapy or massage. I've told my sisters that live out of state also about Opal and the colon hydrotherapy and I would like them to come and visit her and go through the treatment.
I haven't had any flair up with my Crohn's since. I recommend all people should do the colon treatment. When I got back to FL everyone noticed a big change in my appearance and that I lost weight and inches.
Bill H.

My name is Ed; I'm 41 years old. My health condition is that I have diabetes and high cholesterol. I'm on medication for both. Lack of energy and weight gain have been major problems. I was a long haul truck driver then changed my career to heavy equipment operator. I never took time out to eat right or have a bowel movement.
My friend told me about Opal and the colon hydrotherapy and I decided to fly with him from FL. to Twin Falls, Idaho  to go through the cleanse.
I walked into her office and it's very homey feeling and you can see all of her credentials on the wall. I felt good to see how educated she is.
I was nervous to do the colon hydrotherapy, but Opal made me feel right at home and I felt very comfortable and it was very relaxing. Opal has a great personality and it was a pleasure getting to know her, she's very professional and you can tell she loves what she does and she's good at it. I thank God for bringing her into my life.
I was shcoked to see all the waste that came out of my body. I never thought anyone including myself could have that much waste. I now take time to have a bowel movement, to eat better and gave up drinking diet pop and all pop.
I noticed the change in my face, I lost weight and inches, my energy is back and I feel great!
When I went back to work eveyone noticed the change and they all asked questions.
I would recommend and have been telling everyone to go see Opal at Alternative Times.

Hi my name Carol Ann I'm 54 years old. My health conditions: hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia (moving Chronic inflammation), Leaky Gut Sydrome, and poor eye sight. For 10 years. I've been on medication.
It's hard to regain your health once you start down the path of poor health. I know personally that this is true as I tried to regain my health back so I could keep up with life.

Your colon is a muscle and like any muscle, if it's weakened, it can't operate at full strength. Even if you eat a great diet, you can still have an encrusted colon. Most people in America eat a diet that makes it hard to expel the unprocessed fecal matter. Gunk, mucus, decaying food, germs, bacteria and viruses build up. Too many of us turn to using laxatives for relief (which destroyes the colon). Unfortunately, laxatives and drugs weaken you colon making it unable to push through your food or fecal matter.A poor functioning digestive tract can have 3.4 pounds of bad bacteria in it.
Expert say that even if you have one bowel movement daily you still have 8 pounds of undigested meals still inside you. The meal you ate Wednesday night is still inside your digestive tract on Saturday morning. Food takes up to 100 hours that's 4 days to get through your body.

I was amazed at what came out of my body. For years now I've tried to watch what I eat and tried to be health conscious in what I do for my lifestyle. I have done a personal body cleanse in the past years using herbs and juices and yet I still had lots of junk and parasites come out of my body with the colon hydrotherapy.

I recommend everyone to go to Alternative Times for your colon session as Opal is wonderful at what she does. I now have more energy, my blood sugar is better, my thyroid seems to be work different, no more leaky gut, I sleep better, feel less bloated and I lost 8 pounds.