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Tamara Herbst                                                             Testimonial

Alberta, Canada

I was telling a mutual friend (who live in Great Falls, MT) of ours Tia, about my issues with my neck, shoulders, arms and my knee and all the health care practitioners I’ve been going to for the last 5 years,  she told me about Opal Mortensen and tried to explain Opal’s technique to me, but really didn’t understand.

 Tia and I called Opal to set up my first appointment with Opal Mortensen, February 2012.

Opal started with my neck by pushing on points and then all of sudden my neck started rolling from side to side, Opal was still holding on my neck with light pressure and then my neck was starting to go really fast and she pulled her hands away and to my amaze my neck/body was doing it on its own, it was so amazing and when my neck would stop she would ask me if I felt stuck and I would say yes and she would press lightly on a point and my neck would start all over again in rolling side to side. Then my body knew when it was finished and it stopped and Opal stated that the neck is finished, what do you feel and I said yes it’s finished. Then Opal went to work on my left arm, she went up under my shoulder are and pressed on some points which were a little tender but I could feel those areas relax and then she started at the top of my arm and the next thing I know my arm is flipping all over the place, I asked Opal what is happening and she said this is what I call unwinding, as with your neck I call that Core Unwinding as it’s unwinding the core muscles along the spine. The same happen with my arm as my neck in getting stuck. After the left arm was finished she went to the right arm the right arm did the same as the left. This whole process took her 5 hours (thank god we were at her house), as that is how long my body wanted to unwind and my neck, arms, and shoulders felt great I’ve never experienced anything so wonderful and amazing. I tried to stop the process to see if the unwinding was me or my body and it was my body.

The next day Opal worked on my leg. My knee had been scoped, in 2011 and the swelling would not go down.  The swelling made simple walking and movement a problem, as it was the knee ached all the time.  Opal worked on my knee, in February, using the Core Unwinding method.  As she targeted the reflex areas I could feel the fluid literally, drained, off my knee.  The trip home to Alberta, Canada was without pain and discomfort. When I went back to the other health care practitioners they were amazed when they were working on my body and asked me what I did so I told them about Opal and tried to explain my experience with her,

 In September 2012, I visited Opal again, and using the Core Unwinding method, on my neck and shoulders, the result was phenomenal.  My shoulder had full movement, and my neck had full movement. 

The actual reason I sought Opal, and the Unwinding method, in September, was because I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and triggering fingers.  The Core Unwinding method improved the healing progress of my hands and improved the triggering fingers.

  August 2013, I had travelled extensively and during my travels, my lower back experienced spasms, and I was not able to travel home.  I had sought out a chiropractor and massage therapist, in the region I was in, and was able to travel home, although in much pain and discomfort.  I contacted Opal and traveled to her office, where she applied the Core Unwinding method, and I was given instant relief, and was mobile again. I travel to Idaho 2 to 3 times out of the year just to have a Core Unwinding session.

I have experienced considerable pain, discomfort and restricted mobility.  Treatments I have tried to gain relief and heal, have been chiropractor, massage therapy, and physiotherapy, but the Core Unwinding method, is all of them wrapped up in one.  The method is non-evasive and results are immediate and lasting.

Sincerely, Tammy Herbst


 Darcee Jean Gundlock Alberta Canada

Core Unwinding Energy work on Elke

Elke is a 17 year old autistic girl, very sensitive to touch and the vibrational energy around here. Upon meeting Opal, she was only hesitant for a few minutes before jumping up on the table for her session. She remained there for the whole session without jumping down or deciding to leave, which is the norm for her otherwise. Her session was punctuated by "ahs" whenever she liked something and was a completely relaxed, calm and normal child by the end of the session. Would I recommend a session for others? Without reservation! Thank you so much Opal! Elke talked about it and kept thanking me for it for day!

Assisted Core Unwinding: My session with Opal was with a lot of reservation, as I had one leg injured in an accident and the other has become stressed from compensation for my limp. I just KNEW this wasn't going to be an easy fix. However, it needed to be done to correct the imbalances if I ever want to progress further with healing. So, I had to grit my teeth more than once when those stubborn muscles knots refused to release. However, the end result was amazing. I was able to stand balanced and square on both knees and did not revert back to limping in the following days. I wish Opal was closer so I could have had several sessions back to back. Thank you Opal for the amazing work - you are awesome!
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Darcee Jean


Twice a month I come into see Opal Mortensen. My first Core Unwinding with trigger points work with Opal was after I had broken a shoulder and had it replaced (partially) with surgery. The unwinding relieved all the muscle stress in my neck and shoulders.

Since I come regularly for treatments I feel better overall and have fewer aches and pains in my shoulders, neck and upper back. The relief actually lasts from treatment to treatment.

Opal is very skilled in her work and is always friendly and pleasant while at the same time she is professional. I recommend Opal and “Core Unwinding” to many people at any opportunity I get.

Joy B.



I don’t put much faith in the medical industry. I have had problems with my left shoulder and down the left arm. Right elbow pain and mobility. Limited upward mobility of the left arm and shoulder height pain at this point. My session with Opal is hard to explain but my left shoulder felt like wound rubber bands that was unwinding. The pain was somewhat intense as the shoulder began but slowly dissipated as the process continued.

Sounds weird but it has worked for me After my second session on my left shoulder. I have full mobility and only occasional pain. My right elbow has been great until recently and is in need of another session to give it full mobility again (lasted over a year). The Core unwinding has worked for me and I’m sure that it would for others. It’s great alternative to the conventional medical industry and a hell of a lot less expensive.

I only make it to Twin Falls once or twice a year, but try to have a session whenever I’m in the area.

Gerald Kelley



Opal and her technique is exceptional. First time I went to her I couldn’t turn my neck, second time no range of motion in my shoulders. Very tight and painful at the beginning, then as Opal was working on those areas it became less painful and more mobility returned. I should probably go more often than every 3 months. I go when I have a obvious issue. Opal’s Core Unwinding it must work, I’ve gone to chiropractors for sessions but one or two times, with Opal on neck issue and it last for two to three years on shoulders I went in on 2007 and again in 2010, pretty well took care of all the issues. Whatever she does it takes care of the problems for a long time.

Helen P.


I have many issues Left knee, neck, lower back and shoulders. I got my lower back injury in 1970, chronic stress since 1990’s.  For over 30 years I’ve had neck and shoulder pain.

Opal started with some deep tissue massage then to trigger point release and spontaneously the Core Unwinding took place (during the initial session). In subsequent sessions core Unwinding was the desired out come.

Initial session was spontaneous and unassisted. Other sessions have involved assisted core Unwinding. A relaxation of tight muscle then almost like a spring was unwinding and a release. Sometimes exterior limbs would shake before the Core Unwinding would start.

Times I came to see Opal for session First time about 2 weeks, since then up to 3 months, I live about 550 miles from Opal’s so receive treatment whenever I can get down to her. If I lived closer I would do this monthly for pain relief and relaxation as a preventive measure. Since my first experience with it was spontaneous during a deep tissue massage I feel this is a wonderful technique that encourages self care because the feeling of relaxation and pain relief is so profound. I don’t think most people are aware of the stress and tension their muscles hold.

Everyone should be doing this on a regular basis. It take massage to an entirely new level and is very effective for pain relief, tension relief and relaxation.

Laura Hollingshead, RN BSN



I work at a nursing home and Opal comes to my place of employment twice a week to work on one of our residents.

I got hurt lifting a resident. I saw a chiropractor but it didn’t work. The resident that Opal comes and works on told me to call Opal and she might be able to help me with my pain.

After a Core Unwinding session with Opal my muscles release and not be tight It felt wonderful. Her work lasts, I only go when I need to. I always feel wonderful when I leave her place, my job takes a toll on your body. Opal keeps me going, she helps with stress and your muscles love her for it. Opal gets me back to work with no pain. I see Opal once or twice a year as her work last that long.

Carry S.


 I work at the Shoshone School District. I started going to Opal for Core Unwinding since August 16, 2011. I was having a lot of headaches and back issues. I was told about a method that could probably help so I researched it and Opal came up. It wasn’t Core Unwinding that I was looking for but Opal’s name came up under that other method so I called her. We talked and I made an appointment. I’ve been to other massage therapist and chiropractors for help.

On just the first visit I felt a huge relief. I left without a headache. I went another 2 to 3 other times once a week. The 2 o4 3 times once every two weeks.

After that I have gone once a month or when needed. I don’t have headaches. I feel so much better. I have two boys who play sports and I’ve taken them for Opal to work on them also.

It made such a difference that I decided that I wanted to help others the way I was helped by Opal.

So I took the basic massage classes needed. Now I’m just waiting for Opal’s classes and to be ready to take her Core Unwinding classes.

I had a friend that was having back issues so I took her to Opal. She was told that her problem was hereditary. She would have to get up slowly when she was sitting because she had pain. On my friends visit with Opal she was amazed that she got up quickly without hurting. That was only one visit and only half of her body was worked on. She hasn’t gone back to see Opal again yet but she is still doing good. And it’s been 6 months.

I also take my 2 boys and husband to Opal and she has helped them each time. My husband has only seen her once and she helped his arm.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have seen Opal for their problems and Opal was able to help them with their pain. My mother-in-law has seen Opal 2 times that was 7 months ago and she’s still doing good. My sister-in-law seen Opal once and helped her and her pain.

I tell everyone about Opal and Core Unwinding and how she has helped me, my family and friends.

 Nora R.


I’ve been seeing another massage therapist for 10 years and I was not getting any results or relief so I was asking around and I was told Opal was really good by one of my dear friends. I have lower back and neck pain. I thought I would give her a try anything to help me with my pain. Opal pressed on what she calls trigger points and when my neck rolls (unwinding) from side to side I can feel it down my back. First time I came in lasted 4 days it is getting better with every visit. I’m very please with the results that has taken place. I am not hurting as badly.

My husband and daughter have signed on with Opal also. They love her work like I do.

Justine S.


I have West Nile for years and I’m partial paralysis left side, extreme pain in shoulders almost no range of motion.

I’ve seen chiropractors, Physical therapist and etc with very little results.

After my sessions with Opal and her Core Unwinding I now have 90-100% range of motion and no pain. I can now lay on right or left side pain free and comfortable, which I wasn’t able to do that before. I can now put on a coat without any help, which I couldn’t do that before.

It’s not comfortable with Opal releases the trigger points, but it allows me to have a full range of motion and pain free. Almost all of the paralysis is gone from my left foot. I can undress without assistance and can take a coat off by myself.

I see Opal twice a month for maintance. Her technique has lasted 6 months for me.

Sue B 



 A colleague of ours told me about Opal and her Core Unwinding. I’ve been in several car wrecks and injuries, which resulted in neck pain, headaches, shoulders and upper body pain. My first Core Unwinding session with Opal was on my neck, which was assisted unwinding, I had poor ROM but while Opal was working on my neck the ROM started to get better, but wouldn’t unwind by itself. Opal suggested that I should go see a chiropractor, I went two times to the chiropractor as my neck was out and very tight. The next time I saw Opal for another session my neck had more flexibility and the muscles released but still it had to be an assisted unwinding, it’s a work in progress.

Second Core Unwinding session with Opal was on my arms and legs and they moved all by themselves and afterwards, I felt more relaxed and increased ROM It was AWESOME!!

I love Opal’s Core Unwinding technique my muscles are more relaxed less pain and more flexibility. I also want to learn more and take the class. I believe it will help a lot of my clients.

Rose Jones RN, LMT