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 Medical Facts

1. Over one billion dollars a year is spent on so called laxatives in America.
2. Over 100 million Americans suffer from bowel problems.
3. Parasites reside in every dirty colon in America.
4. Rectal/colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer in America.
5. Last year 250,000 Americans had colostomies. Most of them are now walking around with
  a bag strapped to their sides. The operation could easily cost $50K and as much as $100K.
 The bags about $70 a week. How many of those people, do you think were instructed on
  how to prevent the need for this procedure?
6. Individuals getting colon hydrotherapy and following the naturopathic lifestyle program do not get colostomies. This condition can be prevented.
7. Six hundred people die each day in America from rotting colons and no one ever told them about colon hydrotherapy.
8. More absenteeism from school and work is due to disturbance of the digestive tract than any
  other cause.

The Early Signs of Parasites Are:
Itchy ears, nose and anus. Sexual dysfunction, forgetfulness, slow reflexes, gas, bloating, unclear thinking, loss of appetite, yellow eyes and/or face, heartburn, heart pain, pain in the navel, eating more than normal but still feeling hungry, blurry or unclear vision, lethargy, numbness in hands, burning sensation in the stomach, problems with menstrual cycle, drooling while sleeping, damp lips at night and dry lips in the day, grinding teeth while sleeping and bed wetting.

The parasites cannot exist without a host: If they have no host they cannot reproduce and they will starve to death. The place to start your parasite prevention program is by cleaning and purifying your colon with a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. If your colon is impacted the chances are parasites are reproducing themselves rapidly. These parasites then begin to secrete their own toxins, lubricants, waste by-products and endogenous material that the body then has to deal with, which often neutralizes our immune system and depletes precious bio-energy.

How Can I Get Parasites?
Parasites can be contracted by eating undercooked beef, pork, fish or flesh foods, walking barefoot on infected soil, through sex and casual contact, being bitten by flies, mosquitoes and animals, eating unclean raw vegetables, drinking infected water, swimming in infected waters, close contact with cats, dogs, or other pets and simply contacting filthy environments through breathing or touching. There is an increased danger of contracting parasites when traveling to tropical and/or under developed countries. The rise in immigration, especially from these areas, also contributes to the epidemic in the U.S. In Brazil, American Trypanosomiasis causes 30% of adult deaths. The World Health Organzation catergorizes parasites as among the six most harmful infective diseases in humans.

For more infromation on parasites go to "The Life Tree"   or  AIM International click on parasites.

Candida begins and ends in the colon. It is one of the indications for the need of colon hydrotherapy. If you have candida you are in desperate need of colon hydrotherapy.

It is a intergral part of the bowel flora. Candida is part of the bad flora that co-exists with the healthy flora in the colon. A healthy immune system normally keeps candida under control.

When the immune system is compromised by antibiotics, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, alcohol, sugar, junk food, constipation and stress Candida goes berserk. Candida is an opportunistic organism. When given the opportunity it will attempt to colonize all bodily tissue especially the throat, mouth, nose, intestional tract, skin and vagina.

To get Candida permanently under control, you've got to get down at the cause. Candida starts in the colon. The colon must be addressed with a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. If you attempt to do an end run around the colon in favor of more of the same tomfoolery drug therapies the chances are you'll have the same problem next year at this time in spite of some short lived temporary relief.

To overcome Candida overgrowth you must completely cleanse the colon. Candida thrives in constipation because Candida is fungi, it lives on morbific material. Some of the signs of Candida are vaginal discharge or itching, rectal burning or itching, painful intercourse, worsening symptoms of PMS, dry or sore throat, abdominal pain, belching, bloating, heartburn, prostatitis, impotence, frequent urination, burning urination, bladder infection, frigidity, loss of libido, allergies, mental/emotional changes, mood swings, nasal congestion, mucus, nasal itching, blisters, mouth sores, fingernail/toenail infection, cravings for sweets, headaches, joint pain, menstrual irregularity, respiratory problems, hives, rashes, eczema, althlete's feet, ringworm, psoriasis, dry skin, anxiety, depression and hyper- irritability.


The term intestinal toxemia is a form of blood poisoning emanating from the bowel. Absorption of toxic microorganisms begin to cause damage to the cells of the intestinal mucosa. Putrefying bowel toxins cause destruction of the mucus membrane. Bacteria then enters the lymphatic system and then the blood. IN SHORT:
Bowel toxins that find their way into the circulatory and lymphatic system is toxemia or toxicosis or auto intoxication.
Re-absorption of bowel toxins can set up for every know disease. It is for this reason we conclude that health and disease are all related to the cleanliness of the colon.


If your colon is dirty eventually you're dirty all over: Sickness starts in the colon. Degeneration starts in the colon. Fatigue starts in the colon, along with 26,000. other named medical diseases.

The chain is as strong as it's weakest link: every organ, gland and system of the body is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent; The first life is in the blood and the toxicity of any organ will be directly related to the toxicity of the blood, and the toxicity of the blood will be directly related to the toxicity of the colon.