Alternative Times LLC Colon Hydrotherapy & Massage/Bodywork

 The Colonic Session

At Alternative Times we want you to be comfortable and pleasant experience at all times.
We Proudly use the Close System.

Close System: You will wear a gown and you'll be draped with a sheet to maintain dignity and privacy. Your laying on a soft comfortable table. The hydrotherapist is with you at all times. The therapist is in control. You just lay back and enjoy the experience. There is a speculum that is in the rectum: a smaller tube is attached to that, where the is instilled by a trained therapist. When you feel full the therapist will then begin the emptying phase where all the waste is eliminated through the speculum. No odor, no mess, and  no spraying yourself off.
Open System: Your laying on a fiberglass table, the client is in control. Lying on your back there is an opening in the table at the buttocks and upper thigh. Your draped to maintain dignity and privacy. You will insert a pencil-size rectal tube into the rectum which will deliver the water. After holding as much water as long as possible, simply release the water and you might have to beardown to get your waste out,  which goes down the plumbing. After your session there is a hose that you'll use to spray your bottom area off from the session.

Isn't it embarrassing for a the client to have the therapist to be in the room? No
The colon hydrotherapist provides the best session for you. Massages your abdomen and for your SAFETY!

A colon hydrotherapy session is usually a comfortable experience. It produces no toxicity. Techniques utlilized allow a small amount of water to flow into the colon gently stimulating the colon's natural peristaltic action to release softened waste. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste may be repeated several times. The removal of waste should encourage better colon function and elimination. During the session you will be draped and a gown will be worn to ensure modesty. Your dignity is always respectfully maintained.

How Long is the Session: The session is about 45 minutes to 1 hour is alotted for each session. We do not want to over tax the body. Before your first session, a brief health history client intake sheet will need to be filled out, reviewed by the Colon Hydrotherapist. So please allow accordingly. If you require more time in the bathroom getting undressed or ready for your session, you should arrive earlier as needed. Also, for people with special needs that may require additional assistance, for example individuals that are paralyzed please let the staff know when scheduling appointment as clients are scheduled on the hour.
Please do not eat two hours before your session. Please don't drink any liquids 1 hour before your session.
Is it painful? There should be no pain involved, only slight discomfort like gas or constipation as the impacted colon eliminate. After this, session can be quite relaxing.
By removing toxic waste from the colon, will my body be free of toxins?
No, Toxins are stored everywhere! When they aren't dliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, they are stored in fat cells, joints, muscles, arteries, and other organs.
Why is Colon Hydrotherapy so important if the lungs, liver, kidney and skin eliminate toxins?
By eliminating the toxins during the colon hydrotherapy, the colon is soothed resulting in a better tone of the colon more efficient elimination; therefore, stress is taken off the other organs.
How can I tell if my bowel is healthy and functioning properly?
A good sign is when the urge to defecate is followed by a quick, painless bowel movement that leaves a empty feeling. The stool will appear medium to light brown (2 1/2" in diameter, 12 to 18" long) breaking up in water and have very little odor. When wiping, the toilet paper should be clean, not pastey.
Do I Still Continue To Take My Medications and Supplements?
Yes, we are not doctors, only doctors can take you off your medication and/or supplements.
Beware! if anyone besides your doctors tells you different.

Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured in strict  compliance with  FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. The FDA-registered equipment features temperature controlled water mixing and back flow prevention valves, pressure and temperature sensors, a built-in chemical sanitizing unit, as well as water purification and filtration units. Disposable single-use rectal tubes and speculums are used at Alternative Times LLC.

We use the Toxgen TM Model BSC-UV which is a state of the art colon hydrotherapy device (also know as a colonic irrigator). It will cleanse the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. The device is a "closed system" which affords a comfortable experience, while maintaining the dignity of the patient. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odor. It is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly

Disposable hoses and speculums are used to prevent any chance for cross contamination.
The device comes equipped with a built-in water treatment system. This patented three stage system will remove particulate matter, reduce the amount of chlorine and, with the use of Ultraviolet light, destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that may be in the water. The system is easily maintained. It has self-cleaning capabilities. The ultraviolet light will automatically signal when it needs changing.