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 Toxicity Quiz

 cottonseed oil? YES/NO
12. Do you ever drink tap water at home or at restaurants? YES/NO
13. Do you breathe polluted air? YES/NO
14. Do you drive a motor vehicle or work in construction? YES/NO
15. Do you eat fish? YES/NO
16. Are you oftern irritable? YES/NO
17. Do you drink alcohol? YES/NO
18. Are you a smoker? YES/NO
19. Do you use bug killer? YES/NO
20. Do you often have a loss of memory and inability to concentrate? YES/NO
21. Do you have ringing in your ears? YES/NO
22. Do you feel dizzy sometimes? YES/NO
23. Do you get skin rashes? YES/NO
24. Do you have excessive hair loss? YES/NO
25. Do you feel fatigues or nauseous? YES/NO
26. Does your speech sometimes become slurred or disordered? YES/NO
27. Have you received three or more vaccinations? YES/NO
28. Are you any of the following groups, as a professional or hobbyist? (do you handle agricultural products, asbestos, auto mechanics, batteries,          construction worker, cooks, dental/dentists, plastic products, installers of any kind, farmer, hairdresser, plumbers, or etc.
29. Do you have headaches? YES/NO
30. Do you stutter or stammer? YES/NO
31. Do you have a learning disabilities? YES/NO
32. Do you have a chronic coughing? YES/NO
33. Do you have heartburn? YES/NO
34. Do you have mood swings? YES/NO
35. Do you have depression? YES/NO
36. Do you have insomnia? YES/NO
37. Do you have alleregies? YES/NO
38. Do you eat less the 3 servings of fruit or veggies daily? YES/NO
39. Do you eat broiled, fried or barbecued foods? YES/NO
40. Do you rarely drink several glasses of pure water daily? YES/NO
41. Do you Drink soda pop? YES/NO
42. Do you eat whole-grain or natural fiber foods daily? YES/NO
43. Do you eat white flour? YES/NO
44. Do you use cleaning products? YES/NO
45. Do you take synthetic medications or vitamins daily? YES/NO
46. Do you exercise daily for 30 minutes or more? YES/NO
47. Are your bowel movements irregular? YES/NO
48. Are your bowel movements 12 to 18" long and 2 1/2" diameter? YES/NO
49. Do you travel in heavy commuter traffic daily? YES/NO
50. Do you eat fast food or frozen foods at least twic a week? YES/NO
51. Does your family have a history of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obestiy or depression? YEs/NO
52. Do you have metal fillings in your teeth, and have you had dental surgery? YES/NO
53. Do you use prescription drugs or illegal drugs? YES/NO
54. Are you under significant amounts of stress? YES/NO
55. Have you had surgery that used anesthesia? YES/NO
56. Do you have TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) disorder? YES/NO
57. Do you often feel bloated? YES/NO
58. Have you ever thought of suicide? YES/NO

Number of YES answers:_____________

Number on NO answers:_____________

Your total number of YES answers determines your relative toxicity level. (Please note: this is not a scientific test or health evaluation. It simply suggests the possible extent to which you carry on body burden of chemicals).

1-15 Mildly Toxic
16-28 Generally Toxic
29-45 Very Toxic
46-58 Severely Toxic

As you no doubt noticed, you are toxic even if you answered only a few questions in the affirmative. Toxicity varies only by degree. That reality generally reflects the findings from widespread blood tests conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


 1. Do you use plastic containers to store food or drinking water? YES/NO
 2. Do you eat micro waved food that comes packaged with plastice wrap? YES/NO
 3. Do you use deodorant, shampoos and soaps that are not organic? YES/NO
 4. Do you use aftershave, lotions, or perfumes? YES/NO
 5. Do you use cosmetics or hair coloring? YES/NO
 6. Do you live or work in an area that has synthetic carpeting? YES/NO
 7. Do you live or work near agricultural areas? YES/NO
 8. Do you drink non-organic coffee? YES/NO
 9. Do you eat fat-free foods or snacks made with fat substitutes? YES/NO
10. Do you use sugar substitues or eat any food that contain low-calorie sugar, substitutes or sweetners?
11. Do you eat foods that contain hydrogenated fats, such as margarine, canola oil or