Alternative Times LLC Colon Hydrotherapy & Massage/Bodywork

 Table Protocol

Closed Unit

Colon Hydrotherapy Table Protocol 

Please Do Not Eat 2 Hours Before SessionsPlease Do Not Drink Any Liquids 1 Hour Before Sessions  

(1). You will be asked to empty your bladder before getting on the table.

       Shoshone- you’ll undress from the waist and put on a gown (the gown is on the  
       bathroom cabinet)

       Twin Falls-you will be taken to the treatment room.

      You’ll undress from the waist down and the gown is on the table. Please have the opening in the back.


(2). Getting on the table lying on your back, feet toward the Colon Unit on the wall.
      Cover yourself with the sheet; 
I’ll then come in.


(3). First time I will explain how the Colon Unit works and what the first session will be like.


(4). I will have you roll over to your left side. Left leg straight and the right leg slightly bent  
      on top of the left leg back


(5). I will lubricate the speculum tube and place the tube at the opening of the rectum and I
      ask for your right hand.

     With your right hand you will slowly start inserting the speculum, pause and allow your
     body to draw in the 
speculum. I’ll be there to assist if needed.


(6). After the speculum is inserted I will hold onto the speculum and have you slowly lift
      your bottom and roll over 
onto your back with knee bent. If you can’t keep your legs
      bent for the hour I have a stool to rest your legs on.


(7). I will slowly start filling you with filtered water. You may feel a little discomfort in your 

      Your first reaction will be to say release as your body part known as the “Sphincter” is
       trying to do its job.

      Please try to whole the water longer getting pass the “Sphincters functioning”.

      By taking deep breaths will help you to relax.

     The longer you can hold the water the better it is for your releases.

      As the water is flowing into your body and getting higher up into the colon.

      I’ll massage your abdomen; this will help with blockage and the release process.


(8).  When releasing the water I’ll be massaging your abdomen, which will help with


(9).  If you need aromatherapy while on the table such as peppermint oil for nausea, please
Lavender or Bergamot is also available to help you to relax.


(10). After your session is completed, you’ll roll over to your left side and I’ll remove the
You’ll get off the table and go to the bathroom to finish eliminating.

         Twin Falls-take your clothes with you from the colon room, and get dress. 
       Shoshone go to the bathroom finish and
get dressed.

 (11). Please make sure that you eat after your session. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office 733-6725 or after hours my cell 316-7537. Thank